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flash flood

Disaster Prepping: Floods

Floods are one of the more common natural disasters that occur in the US, particularly if you live near a large body of water, stream, levee, creek or river. Floods are caused from the rains brought in by hurricanes or tropical storms, Spring thaw, failure of a levee or dam, Some floods take some time […]

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San Francisco Earthquake

Earthquake Prepping

With earthquakes, you generally don’t have any warning that one is about to occur. Earthquakes can cause severe damage to buildings, roads, and bridges. They range in strength from a mild earthquake that just causes some startling shaking and rattling to severe earthquakes that can demolish buildings and kill and injure thousands of people, burying […]

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Why You Need Survival Prepping

There’s a movement gripping the nation. Some have said it is a movement of nutbags and whackos. The movement is the Prepper movement and it has become more and more accepted as mainstream. Without knowing it or having a name to tack to her condition, my mother was a prepper. She lived through the depression […]

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