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How to Start Preparing for Disaster

Disaster preparedness, for the purposes of this article, means short to long term preparation for a disaster, whether natural or man made. It does not mean preparing for doomsday. Being a disaster prepper encompasses all religions, all nationalities, all political persuasions, all races. No one demographic is immune to disasters and the goal of a [...]

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Disaster Preparedness: Hurricanes

Hurricanes can be defined as the “Get Out of Dodge” type of disaster. After securing your house and belongings, it’s often wiser to just leave the area until the storm is over. Hurricane winds flow in a circular motion with winds that exceed 75 miles per hour, but can exceed 155 miles per hour. Forming [...]

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Must Have Items for Your Bug out Bag

Your bug out back is your lifesaver in the event of a disaster. Quite a few people ask, what are the most essential things to place in a bug out bag? Here’s a list of must have items you should have in your bug out bag and why you need them. Crank Radio – this [...]

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Disaster Preparedness: Setting Up a Self Sustainability Group

If you’re interested in moving off the grid or at least living your life in a more self sustainable fashion I’d like to share some tips on how to set up a self sustainability group. This is basically a group of people with the same idea of providing their own food and energy supply, as [...]

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Preparing Your Children for Evacuation

People don’t realize just how adaptable children can be when they’re thrown into an emergency situation like an evacuation, but that said it’s always best to prepare them as much as you can beforehand. Here’s some great ways to prepare your kids without worrying them unduly. When you’re a child life is an adventure and [...]

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Disaster Preparedness on a Budget

We all hope we’ll never have to face a disaster which forces us to either stay indoors for a while or leave our homes completely for a prolonged amount of time – however preparation is the key to survival in a disaster, but how to we prep if we’re on a budget? Firstly you need [...]

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Growing Your Survival Vegetables on a Budget

Growing your own fruit and vegetables can be one of the most rewarding things to do, especially if you’re on the route to self sustainability. If you’re on a budget you’re in luck, because there’s a very easy way to start growing your own that doesn’t require much outlay. First of all start with a [...]

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