Emergency Food and Water Supplies

Emergency food doesn’t have to be dull. Wise Food Storage is real food, prepared in minutes. Whether you use it while camping or during an emergency, you’ll love the ease of preparation and taste of Wise Emergency Meals. They not only taste good, but are highly nutritious.

Disaster Preparedness: Would You Be Prepared?

Will you be prepared for the unexpected? A natural disaster can occur at any time, leaving you without power and the ability to go to the grocery store for food and supplies. You could be without fresh food, water, electricity, and gas for days before help arrives. Mayhem Survival provides products that are designed according […]

Highest Quality Survival Kits

Mayhem Survival sells the highest quality emergency food and kits, survival gear, and disaster preparedness gear in the industry. Protect your family during a disaster or emergency. You never know when a disaster will strike. Being prepared for one could save you and your family’s lives. Most of our survival gear meets or exceeds military […]